In the musician’s brain, sometimes less is more

Remember how you were told as a kid that in order to truly master a skill, such as playing an instrument, you have to start young? While this is still a valid claim it is not the whole truth. Scientists have discovered that while intensive training increases gray matter in some areas of the brain, it also decreases gray matter in others. Recent studies show that as the brain becomes more efficient in some tasks, it actually uses fewer neurons for these tasks. So is there an ideal age to start practicing an instrument?

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Music modulates the activity of neurons important for movement

My dear friends, I have been telling you for sometimes now that music is extremely powerful. I think that some of you are still skeptic. Well…. you should please read this article. Parkinson’s disease – which is a disease of the brain characterized by slowness of movement, muscular rigidity, tremor and instability of gait (the patient cannot stand straight or he loses his equilibrium) – can be treated with music. There is a body of evidence-based research looking into just that. Enjoy the reading in the link below:

New Alzheimer treatment fully restores memory function

Recently it was discovered that music has the ability to help patients with Parkinson disease regain their capacity to perform appropriate, voluntary and measured movement (I shared the article a couple of days ago). Now this new therapy for Alzheimer disease uses sounds waves to obtain significant results in Alzheimer patients. I wonder if those sounds are organized in a musical way, would the effectiveness of treatment be the same. But in any cases, we always knew that music is powerful and can be used in a variety of ways to do good and make people feel good. The proofs are coming one after the other. Great article guys. Enjoy the reading the article in the link below

Through music, memories return

It is clear that music is extremely powerful. It gives wings to our souls. Please read this neat and great initiative which put in evidence, once again, the power of music. Access the article in the link below: