World AIDS Day

December 1st is World AIDS Day. The whole month of December is World AIDS Month. Actually every month of the year and every day of every month is World AIDS Day. People can discriminate against HIV/AIDS but HIV/AIDS doesn’t discriminate against anyone. Everyone can experience the hard reality of HIV/AIDS. HIV/AIDS hits in Boucan Carre and Circa-La-Source in poor, remote and neglected rural Haiti. It hits in rural Burundi, and in rural Malawi in Africa. However HIV/AIDS also hits in Los Angeles, California in Hollywood. It hits in the film industry and in the National Basket Association (NBA) – two industries in the US where billions of dollars are being managed. So HIV/AIDS is everyone business, hence everyone has a role to play in its treatment, control and prevention.

On the album “Sansibilizasyon” I sing about HIV/AIDS to raise awareness on the scourge and fight discrimination on the track # 8 (Sida Pote Jiji Ale). That’s just my 50 cents to the fight.

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