The importance of music in our lives

We all use music in many ways in our lives. When we were born our parents celebrated using music. For our baptism, music was played. For our first communion music was played and everyone was dancing. For our wedding we had the best musicians to perform or the best DJ to play the best tunes. For our grand children births, baptisms and weddings music will definitely be played. At our funerals there will be music performed by the best brass band in the city. It will be sad music though.

So from birth to death music has accompanied us all the way. Do you remember when you were trying to study and you put your headphones on to listen to music and get the best concentration level? What about when you went to the Gym, you also brought your music along to get the best workout.

When you are in the subway or in the bus, please pay attention, look around to see how many people have their headphones on listening to music.

Music is the only element that when it hits you, you don’t feel any pain. Instead you feel joyful, relax and ready for performing any task.

Enjoy music my friends!!!

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